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Create your staking pools in 2 minutes

At Medusa Pools, it is super easy to stake your tokens and create pools in 2 minutes. Low cost code-free solution. Live on ETH and BSC.

A fully decentralized Staking Launchpad

Build your own staking pool, where you are the one in charge. You are the only one with access to any smart contract after deployed. We provide a code-free solution to create staking pools and farms.

Why stake?

Staking is a mechanism that allows stakeholders to be rewarded with a specific annual percentage return by locking their tokens. It helps projects by reducing their sell pressure.

Staking carries risks. You should only stake, when you believe that the token you are investing has potential to grow on the medium-term.

The easiest Place to setup your staking pool

Low cost.

Build it
in 2-minutes

share your pool with your community

book a meeting to know more about mESP

Not sure how can a staking pool help your project? Book a meeting with the team, so we can analyze your project and propose the best fit for it.

test your pool on the testnet before launching:

We offer a free test for teams that want to try our pools before deploying them at BSC or ETH.

For that, you will need to change add BSC Testnet chain at your wallet to test it out. If you have doubts, reach out at our Telegram and one of the team members will assist you.

about Medusa Protocol

why to offer staking?

5 reasons why your token should have a staking pool.

Medusa Whitepaper

Everything about the Medusa Protocol.


A summary about MDUSA and its tokenomics.