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About the Medusa Protocol

At Medusa, we love to create.  A venture builder powered by crypto, where holders of the MDUSA token get a share of all projects powered by our ecosystem.

A Web3 Ecosystem of DeFi and Entertainment. The house of MESP DeFi Services, OceanCats Web3 Animated Series, Celestia Game, and the coming MDUSA Token.

All powered by MDUSA, the ecosystem governance token. Launching soon.

What we are working at

An ecosystem exploring synergies within the blockchain space


Create a staking pool in 2-minutes. Code-free. Low cost. A staking-as-a-service DApp, fully available very shortly.


A Web3 Animated Series powered by a collection of utility NFTs at Solana Chain. Episode pilot to be ready shortly.


Celestia Game

Challenge your friends, play rank games, level up, in-game stake and win the Celestia Champions Title. Game in development.

MDUSA token

A multi-utility governance Binance Smart Chain Token, reflecting profits from all activities within the Medusa Protocol.