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5 reasons why you should have staking pools

4 reasons why your token should have a staking pool

Everyone loves passive income.

Everyone loves to stake a token that we see potential. If I am going to hold, why not earn passive income from it? Whether in the token or with other token, people love to receive for holding.

Add a new utility to a token

Is your token main utility still in development? Are you a meme coin wanting to consolidate as the next big thing? By allowing your holders to stake, you are giving them another utility for them to keep your tokens.

Reward the OG Holders

What is your token without your community? Very little. Reward the people that have been supporting you from the beginning and give them another reason to hold your token. They deserve it.

Decrease the supply in circulation

Staking also allows teams to stake their own tokens, allowing them to decrease the supply of the token in circulation, allowing the team to do more staking or burn events.

A new source of client acquisition

Many investors look for tokens with active staking pools. Promote them to these fans and grow your community with long term holders.

The MESP protocol for everyone to create staking pools in 2 minutes. Your pool. You own everything, from the smart contract to the token there. StakingPad coming soon.

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